The Small Business Digital Manager – Book

Discover how a Small Business Digital Manager can help a small business get more traffic, more leads, more subscribers, and more sales online!

The Small Business Digital Manager

The Small Business Digital Manager: How To Help Small Businesses Get More Traffic, Leads, Subscribers, And Sales Online!

(The Small Business Digital Manager)

Get More Traffic, More Leads, More Subscribers, And More Sales Online!

Small businesses need an effective digital presence that will deliver them consistently better results online like more traffic, more leads, more subscribers, more sales, improved conversions, etc.

To remain competitive and stay in business, small businesses also need to be in complete control of their digital processes.

Most small businesses, however, are run by ‘non-techies’ who lack the knowledge and skills to build and manage an effective digital presence. Consequently, many small businesses have an online presence that falls short of its potential to deliver results and end up becoming “hostages” of their outsourced service providers.

The Small Business Digital Manager presents a new paradigm for small businesses that want to grow and get better results online.

Instead of giving away control of digital processes to external service providers, this book shows small businesses the benefits of employing a dedicated digital manager who will work in their business, on their business, with their business, and for their business. A person who will interface with techies like web developers and put the business in control of its own digital presence. Someone who will help a small business grow online by providing effective ‘hands-on’ digital services and delivering ‘done for you’ results.

‘The Small Business Digital Manager’ contains over 120 illustrations and diagrams. It will show you how to:

  • Help small businesses get consistently better results online with no technical expertise or coding skills required.
  • Develop and implement a cost-effective digital business plan for a small business with limited resources.
  • Formulate a strategic approach that will help any small business achieve its online goals and objectives.
  • Implement effective digital management, digital content, and digital marketing systems and processes.
  • Keep digital information organized and digital assets manageable.
  • Develop and produce targeted digital content and implement effective digital marketing campaigns.
  • Track, analyze, review, and consistently improve results online.

Who This Book Is For

The Small Business Digital Manager is a “must-read” book for:

  • Anyone thinking of starting or taking their small business online,
  • Anyone tasked with helping a small business manage its website or its digital marketing, or
  • Anyone looking for a new career opportunity in the digital sector.

Small Business Digital Manager – Online Training Course

In addition to reading the book, we recommend the Small Business Digital Manager online training course.

The course expands on the areas and methods covered in the book and provides additional resources, information, and documentation, including video tutorials, downloadable templates, checklists, support forum, and more.

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The Small Business Digital Manager: How To Help Small Businesses Get More Traffic, Leads, Subscribers & Sales Online!

(The Small Business Digital Manager: How To Help Small Businesses Get More Traffic, Leads, Subscribers & Sales Online!)

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